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Free Loft Insulation Calculator Tool

Loft insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways of insulating your home. A previously uninsulated loft in a detached property that becomes insulated could save a household up to £415 according to the Energy Saving Trust (based on fuel prices as of October 2023).

So what if you are thinking of insulating your loft space yourself? How much Insulation do you need?

To obtain an accurate estimate of the number of loft insulation rolls required, use our loft insulation calculator. You’ll need to measure up the size of your loft space in metres (m) and then select the size of the insulation rolls that you are intending to use. (Keep in mind that insulation product sizes might differ from those used in this calculator.)

For those still using imperial units of measurement:  1 metre = 3.28 ft or 39.37 inches

Calculating the cost of your insulation

Once you’ve used our free loft insulation calculator and have a good idea of how many rolls you are going to need, you’ll be able to work out the cost of your loft insulation. Bear in mind that if your loft space is particularly awkward in shape, there may be some wastage involved, meaning you might have to make adjustments to the number of insulation rolls you order.

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