How to Insulate Your Bedroom 

How can I insulate my bedroom?

Your bedroom should be your place of comfort, but when the colder months roll in, along with freezing conditions, that might make your sanctuary uncomfortable for sleeping.

As a solution to this, we present 5 easy and budget-friendly ways to make your bedroom a winter-ready haven. Let’s walk you through these DIY insulation hacks and expert tips to keep your sleeping space cosy and warm and avoid the need to resort to wearing bobble hats and gloves in bed!

Five Easy Ways to Insulate Your Bedroom

Everybody loves a warm bedroom. Nothing beats its comfy snugness, whether you’re dozing away on a chilly Sunday morning or snuggling undercover with your favourite book.

There’s no arguing about the role of room temperature for quality sleep. Unfortunately, simply turning the heater up isn’t an option for many.

If you’re looking for affordable ways to keep your space warmer in the freezing months, here are five DIY insulation hacks you should try:

  1. Install Draught Excluders 

Also known as draught blockers or draught dodgers, draught excluders are materials fitted under doors and window cracks to prevent cold air from blowing inside and keep warm air from escaping the room. It’s a quick and straightforward solution to protect your bedroom from outside the bedroom temperatures.

You can purchase draught excluders from DIY stores to fit around doors and windows or opt for a fabric option that you can place at the bottom of your bedroom doors to block chilly air from outside.

  1. Hang Heavy Curtains

Installing heavy or lined curtains is one of the most obvious answers to a draught space. The right curtain can even work as well as a double-glazed window in maintaining your bedroom’s temperature.

As such, if you’re hanging flimsy and thin curtains up your window, it’s high time you rethink your interior setup. Replace thin drapes with high-quality, thicker sheets to lessen the air exchange between your cold, single-glazed window and the rest of your space. This straightforward hack can help reduce heat loss by as much as 40%.

To maximise your drape insulation at night, keep your windows open during the day to heat the room naturally, and then close the curtains at or before dusk to lock in the heat inside your bedroom.

  1. Lay Some Floor Rugs

Your floor accounts for 10% of heat loss in your household. This staggering number shows how essential it is to insulate your floors as much as your walls.

Thankfully, something as simple as laying rugs on your bedroom floor does wonders in keeping the chills away. It’s a budget-friendly alternative for people in homes with poor or inadequate floor insulation.

Put thick rugs on your room’s flooring to trap the heat. The denser the pile, the warmer your space will remain. The rugs can even help improve your interior design. Choose eye-catching colours to match your aesthetics. Who says style and practically don’t go hand in hand?

  1. Bubble Wrap Your Windows

On average, around 30% of house heating escapes through the windows. That’s triple the heat loss from uninsulated flooring, showing the crucial role of energy-efficient window attachments for your home.

Window coverings are excellent solutions to reduce energy lost from windows, especially when you don’t have the funding for new double or triple glazing. Surprisingly, cheaper options like bubble wrapping work just as well as other expensive materials, minimising heat loss by over 50%.

Here’s how you bubble wrap a window:

  1. Choose a bubble wrap with medium to large bubbles in it. 
  2. Then, use scissors to cut the sheets to fit your window size.
  3. Next, spray an even amount of water on your window glass using a spray bottle.
  4. After spraying, install the bubble wrap on the glass, with the bubbly side facing the window.
  5. Press the sheet onto the glass and ensure it doesn’t fall off.

Bubble wrapping is an easy, quick, and fun hack to warm your sleeping quarters. You can also add another sheet of bubble wrap for added insulation.

The bubble layer works similarly to double-glazing. It might not look as appealing, but it does keep heat inside your space well.

  1. Use a Portable Heater

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is a portable heater. This type of heating appliance can be used alongside (or sometimes instead of) your main heating system and is typically powered by electricity, although other options run on other alternatives like gas, petrol, or bioethanol.

A portable heater offers a fast and cheap answer to keep your bedroom cosy during the winter. It’s far more energy-efficient than central heating, in part because you may just be heating one room at a time, and as a result, can slash your monthly energy spending.

With smart use of heaters around your house in winter months in rooms you are using at the time, you can save hundreds. Turn the portable heater on for an hour or two before bed. Let it warm the room enough to your liking before turning it off. This simple practice is ideal for spaces with poor or no insulation struggling to retain heat.

Why Should You Insulate Your Bedroom?

Braving the winter weather is particularly daunting to individuals living in rented or old homes needing renovations

With energy prices remaining as high as ever, everyone is looking for ways to save money wherever possible. A draughty bedroom certainly doesn’t help with the heating bill.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy from insulating your bedroom:

Saves Energy

As you likely know, poor insulation leads to heat loss in a household. And if you live in the UK, where temperature loss is highest, you’re probably experiencing higher energy bills.

Insulating your bedroom or any part of your house lessens the volume of air that gets in or out. It means your HVAC unit won’t work as much in regulating the temperature, decreasing your energy consumption and cost.

Enhances Comfort

Faulty insulation significantly reduces heat retention during the winter, which could affect your and your family’s comfort. Conversely, this issue means you’ll also experience hotter temperatures in the summer.

Deploying a layer of insulation will assist in distributing the temperature evenly throughout your home. There’s no need to crank your heating or cooling system to survive the weather.

Helps Nature

Insulation system not only helps your pocket and comfort. It also contributes to the environment by reducing the harmful pollutants emitted by heating and cooling systems, such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and sulphur oxide.

Improving your home’s temperature regulation is a terrific step to lessen your household’s carbon footprint and make a difference for your community.

Reduces Noise

Insulating your bedroom is a fantastic way to minimise your burden if you live near a busy street, loud neighbours, or a generally noisy area.

Most insulation materials absorb sound, limiting the noise that reaches your ears. Properly installed, an insulation system lets you enjoy more peaceful and relaxing nights throughout the year.

Increases Home Value

The value of your property increases or decreases depending on its insulation. So, if you’re ever planning on putting your house up for sale, having top-quality insulation is a must.

One study by the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change discovered a significant increase in property value with insulated homes. They found properties with energy-saving improvements to be higher in price by 14% to 38% than those without.

Investing in Home Insulation

With all that said, investing in home insulation is still the best way to go if you’re looking for a long-term solution to your heating issues. It lasts longer and provides more robust protection against the weather or skyrocketing bills.

You can choose from various insulation materials depending on your preference and budget. There’s spray foam, cavity walls, flooring insulation, loft insulation, polyurethane foam, fibreglass, glass wool, and more.

Use our insulation installer finder to connect with trusted contractors in your area by entering your postcode. We’ll help get you the best quotes to receive the best services for your money.

Final Thoughts

There are only a few things we can think of that’s worse than a freezing bedroom in the winter. It threatens your health and strains your budget by driving up your heating bills.

With Old Man Winter nipping at your nose, toes, and pockets, learning these insulation hacks is a great advantage to have up your sleeve.

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